A Beginner’s Guide To Finding An Apartment In Durham NC

Finding an ideal apartment can be a stressful task without the correct tools, so it is important that you optimize your search to make sure you do not waste time or resources. This article will provide information for beginner renters or buyers on how to optimize their search of an apartment in Durham NC.

1. Setting A Budget Range

The first step to finding the ideal apartment in Durham NC is to set a suitable budget range. By having a financial budget, you will be able to determine what you can afford each month. The budget will be dependent on different factors including your monthly income and expenditures, such as groceries, social activities, and utilities. While it may be tempting to use estimates to ‘bend’ the budget to your preference, it is recommended that you use realistic numbers so you can save money for emergencies. Once you have a suitable budget range, you can review apartments within this amount and see what is affordable.

2. Keeping The Larger Picture In Mind

Many agents will advertise small perks as part of the apartment sale – do not be fooled by these benefits. If an agent or landlord throws in a television as part of the deal or allows you to move in earlier, it may be a waste if the apartment does not meet your overall needs. When searching for an apartment in Durham NC, it is crucial that you keep your greater life objectives in mind and do not compromise on these priorities.

3. Considering The Time Of Year

One feature that many people forget when searching for property is the time of year. Prices tend to be higher during the summer months as this is when people search for new houses or apartments. Dependent on where you live and whether you are working to a timeline, it is recommended that you search for an apartment during winter or early spring. These months are best because people do not enjoy moving during the holidays or colder months; therefore, you will see a drop in buyer or renter competition. If you are residing in a location with many students, it is advised that you wait until after the academic year starts to find reduced rental rates.

4. Narrowing The Search

Do NOT spend time perusing all the apartments available in one area as this can waste a great deal of time. When looking for a property, it is advised that you search online and create a list of approximately three or four apartments to visit. Schedule the viewings as opposed to attending open houses and take photographs to ensure the apartment meets your standards. If the agent showing the house is not able to answer questions about the property on the day, be sure to follow up at their office. This will help you remain organized when looking for property.

5. Considering New Constructions

While it may seem counterintuitive, new buildings tend to have reasonable rental rates as the new complex will want to find occupants as soon as possible. Managers and owners are often flexible with the rent and you may be able to negotiate; however, this is not always possible and you need to be careful during discussions.