Where To Take Your Kids During Your Staycation

Many families are opting to stay local when going on vacation. A staycation is a popular choice among budget-conscious families. While you may want to save a few dollars, you also want to make sure your family enjoys their time “away” from regular life.

Here are some places you should consider taking your kids if you decide to take a staycation.

There are many zoos located across the country. If you type “Durham North Carolina Zoo” into your favorite search engine, it would bring up any zoo in your local area. If there is more than one, you can look at their website to see which suits your children’s age and attention level.

With a zoo visit, you can target a specific area, or just go for a stroll to see what catches your kid’s attention. Plan on spending at least a few hours at the zoo if your children are young, or a full day if they’re older.

Many cities have local aquariums. However, you may need to travel a fair distance depending on your location, but the trip will be worth it. An aquarium gives your child a glimpse into another world.

Before going to the aquarium look on their website to find exhibits that may interest your children. If they’re young, colorful fish might hold their attention. However, the older children may want to see the sharks or larger creatures of the sea.

Amusement Park

The amusement park is a popular staycation choice. Since the price of admission to a park can be rather high, this is usually a special treat for most families. Check your local amusement park website to see if they have special offers for local residents.

While amusement parks are generally a great choice for older kids, it may not be right for younger ones. Check with the amusement park to see if they offer rides for younger children. If the ride selection is limited, it may not be worth it.

When choosing a staycation activity, make sure you look for something that’s out of the norm for your child. For example, if you visit the zoo every month, then the zoo might not be the best choice.

Just like you want a break from your routine during your days off, so do your kids. Look for unique experiences that they can share with their friends.