Try These Four Top Durham NC Restaurants And See What You Think

You are certainly not going to have a difficult time finding a great spot for enjoying a meal in Durham NC. Almost every place you come across is going to be unique and special. It still is good to know what top ranked restaurants are the best. You want your money’s worth when you are vacationing in Bull City. That’s why I’m going to show you four places to eat that are impressive and will treat you right.

The first top restaurant in Durham is Vin Rouge. You will find this establishment at 2010 Hillsborough Road, and brunch is what’s up when you stop by. If you want breakfast, you got it, and if you want lunch, hanger steak and all kinds of interesting entrees await you. This is French cuisine, and so this is a chance for you to perhaps try something different. You may not feel like ordering escargot though. Still, this restaurant is top notch.

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe is located at 280 South Magnum Street. Some of the menu items you can order include nachos, crab bisque and fried green tomatoes. Wow, those fried green tomatoes sound good. Sweet potato chips are on the menu, too, and that lets you know a little about how this place prepared its food, homemade. If you eat out on the deck, guess what, you are looking out over at the baseball stadium for the Durham Bulls.

Randy’s Pizza is a good spot, too, and I have to say that the pizza looks deliciously homemade. You will find Randy’s Pizza at 5311 South Miami Boulevard, and you can order by the slice. While the pizza looks delicious enough, the menu also includes wings, spaghetti, salads and more. For sure, you can order up dessert as well.

Counting House is the 4th restaurant, and it is located at 111 North Corcoran Street at Hotel Durham. Buckwheat pancakes, striped bass and lobster risotto are just a few of the menu highlights for this place. This restaurant is said to be very eclectic. The reviews speak highly of the place, so why not try something different?

The top ranked restaurants mentioned are really going to treat you right. That last establishment really sounds like a neat place. It has an artsy vibe, and you will discover all kinds of other interesting restaurants in Durham. Why not start with one of these and see what you think.