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Canadian and Federal Prints
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1992 Canada
~ce48.jpg (51347 bytes)
Northern Water-Common Eiders
Signed by the artist-Brenda Carter

1993 Canada
~ce50.jpg (70073 bytes)
Early Spring-Hooded Merganser
Signed by the artist-Kenneth H. Ferris

   1991 Canada
~ce52.jpg (71209 bytes)
Late Fall- Black Duck
Signed by artist- Chris Bacon
*Special print card 4293/10000 with extra stamp*

1985 Canada
~ce54.jpg (69162 bytes)
Early Winter- Mallard Pair
signed by the artist- Robert Bateman
*This is the first year for the Canada Duck Prints*

1986 Canada
~ce56.jpg (49795 bytes)
Canvasbacks In Spring
signed by the artist- J. F. Lansdowne

1988 Canada
~ce58.jpg (67143 bytes)
Pintails In Spring
signed by the artist- Robert Bateman

1990 Canada
~ce60.jpg (40590 bytes)
Spring Mist- Wood Ducks
Signed by the artist- Michael Dumas
*First Competition Print-limited to 9500 signed and numbered world wide prints*

1986 -87 Federal
Gold Medallion Edition
~ce65.jpg (66561 bytes) ~ce64.jpg (66468 bytes)
Fulvous Whistling Duck
signed by the artist-Burton e. Moore
*includes two stamps- one signed by the artist*
**proof quality 24 karat gold plated medallion**
**very limited quantity**

1984 -85 Federal
The Golden Anniversary Medallion Set
Celebrating 50 years of Waterfowl Conservation
~ce63.jpg (48230 bytes) ~ce62.jpg (45770 bytes)
Widgeon Pair
Signed by the artist- William C. Morris
*includes two stamps- one signed by the artist*
** proof quality 24 karat gold plated medallion-die signed and number matched**
**the golden anniversary medallion was only available with the print**

1993 -94 Federal
Diamond Anniversary Edition
Celebrating 60 years of Waterfowl Conservation
~ce61.jpg (63805 bytes)
Canvasback Pair
signed by the artist- Bruce Miller
*includes two stamps- one signed by the artist*
**includes 1st of Nation Printlet number 14,169/25000 signed by the artist**

Prices are as follows
 Canadian prints are $50 each.
1986-87 federal is $300
1984-85 federal is $300
1993-94 federal is $200
prices don't include shipping or insurance!
Shipping charges are unknown because of special boxes and special shipping rates.
I would prefer a local sale but if you still want a print and aren't local, email me
and we can discuss it.
There are only "1" of each print. So this is a first come, first serve sale!

 If you would like to purchase a print and are local, NJ, DE, PA, email me with all the normal info and
which print you are interested in and we'll take it from there.